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Steve Michelotti C# 6 New Language Features - Steve Michelotti (MVP)
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 6:30 PM
This presentation will cover the new language features of C# 6. This demo-heavy session will cover features such as auto-property enhancements, null conditional access, expression bodied members, async enhancements, string interpolation, and more. We will also examine Roslyn, which is the new compiler that enables brand new scenarios for building tools and extensions. If you’re a C# developer, come learn about the new language tools that you can put in your toolbox!

Steve Michelotti is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and an Architect/Developer for Applied Information Sciences (AIS). He has consulted at where he was the Tech Lead for one of the highest volume .NET applications in the world. He previously was the Chief Technologist at e.magination. Steve is a frequent presenter at developer user groups and Code Camps along the East Coast and holds the MCSD, MCPD, and MCT certifications. Steve has been on Microsoft Channel9 and his published articles include Visual Studio Magazine and his blog:

Sidney Andrews Managing the Internet of Things, Ingesting Data at Scale using a Lambda Architecture
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Our web services and applications can now be connected to millions of devices simultaneously and are still expected to perform admirably. For line-of-business data, this is an exercise where we scale our database. What about our other smaller, more frequent data? How do we handle billions of telemetry transactions from millions of devices? In this talk we will explore the Lambda Architecture design and how we can split the processing of our data so that we have both immediate feedback from our telemetry and long-term analysis. We will first explore the Event Hubs service as an endpoint to capture our telemetry. For speed, we will look at how we can use Stream Analytics to create a slice of our telemetry averaged over time and then dump that data into SQL Database. For completeness, we will look at options such as HDInsight and SQL Data Warehouse and how they can allow us to perform advanced analytics over our complete, raw data.

Sidney Andrews is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure consultant with SeeSharpRun.NET. He has a background in ASP.NET web development along with extensive experience developing applications using XAML. Sidney has driven efforts to develop and deliver Azure readiness training through channels such as the Ignite Conference, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Official Courseware, internal Microsoft training and even public whitepapers.

Check out Sidney's talks on Channel 9:
Check out Sidney's free Azure training videos:

Joel Cochran Intro to Power BI - Joel Cochran
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that can connect to virtually any kind of data: Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, SQL Server databases, Cloud resources, and much more. With Power BI you can create powerful reports and interactive dashboards that allow you to visualize your data and make critical decision in real time. This session will show you how to get started with PowerBI.

Joel Cochran is currently serving as the GOP Technical Evangelist on the Microsoft Campaign Technology and Services team. Joel was born in Virginia, grew up in Iowa, and graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. After serving in the United States Army, he moved to Florida where he fell backwards into a job at a software company. Before long he was a software developer on the IBM AS/400 platform. After moving back to Virginia a few years later, he worked for a micro-ISV writing software for local governments. This period led him through a wide range of technologies such as RPG, DB2, Java, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Linux, and more. In 2003, Joel discovered C#, .NET, and SQL Server, and has been dedicated to the Microsoft stack ever since. Over the years he has ranged through a variety of web, desktop, and database development tools and environments. An accomplished writer and speaker, Joel loves to teach and was a 6-time Microsoft MVP prior to joining the company. He lives in Harrisonburg, VA, with his family, and is an avid pool player.


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