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Ed Snider Building Xbox One apps with UWP - Ed Snider (Xamarin MVP)
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 6:30 PM
The power of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) just got even better - you can now take your UWP Windows 10 apps beyond desktop and mobile and run them on the Xbox One console. In this talk I will show how to leverage UWP for the Xbox One and what it takes to get started. I will explain some of the key things you need to plan for and work through when taking your UWP app to the Xbox One console including working with TV screens, gamepads, and remotes. I will also show you best practices and strategies for adapting your UI to take full advantage of the large screen experience with live demos running on an Xbox One dev kit.

Ed Snider is a senior software engineer, speaker, author, and Xamarin MVP based in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area. He has a passion for mobile design and development and regularly speaks about Xamarin and Windows app development at local user groups and community events. Ed is also the founder and organizer of the DC and Northern Virginia Mobile .NET Developers Group (@dcmobiledev). Ed works at InfernoRed Technology where his primary role is working with clients and partners to build awesome software solutions on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. For the past several years he has been focused on building Windows apps and iOS and Android apps using Xamarin. Ed blogs at, can be found on Twitter at and his recently published book, Mastering Xamarin.Forms, is available at

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Thanks to Sotera Defense for sponsoring the June, July, and August meetings!

Sean Killeen Attack-a the Akka: An introduction to the Actor Model and Akka.NET - Sean Killeen
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM
The Actor Model is a well-established paradigm for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications that has recently seen a resurgence as distributed and asynchronous systems gain popularity. In this introductory talk, Sean will walk you through the concepts of the actor model, its benefits over traditional approaches, and the basics of how to use Akka.NET to achieve these advantages in your .NET applications.

Bio: Originally from the Philadelphia area, Sean has over 10 years of experience solving problems as an IT professional and developer for commercial, non-profit, and federal clients. He's currently a Senior Consultant with Excella Consulting, and he highly recommends you check them out. When not loving his work way too much, there's a good chance he's enjoying decent scotch, exploring the Arlington area, or singing somewhere. You can find him on Twitter at @sjkilleen or blogging not nearly often enough at He's not mean; say hi!
Thanks to our meeting sponsor!

Thanks to Sotera Defense for sponsoring the June, July, and August meetings!


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